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Complete Medical and Surgical Care of the Voice

Your voice is a representation of who you are to the world around you. It is as unique to each person as a fingerprint, providing a clue to the listener of your identity in the absence of visual contact. It allows you to communicate thoughts, needs, and emotions. It can be used for artistic impression or for intellectual argument. It allows you to communicate with others on many levels.

At the Texas Voice Center, we are committed to restoring your voice so that you can function to your full capacity. There are many reasons why a voice may be misbehaving, and many of these conditions are treatable. We have the latest, most sophisticated equipment for diagnosing laryngeal problems that are not detectable by conventional techniques. Our doctors and staff have over fifty years of experience in treating voice disorders. Our speech pathology department is particularly qualified to handle all types of voice disorders. If you are having a problem with your voice, even if you have been to another doctor, you deserve our professional attention.

Below are some examples of the medical and surgical treatment offered at the Texas Voice Center. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information about our center.

  • Digital videostrobolaryngoscopy is the most advanced technique for diagnosing and treating disorders of the larynx. It aids the doctors in diagnosis of even the most subtle problems.
  • Botulinum toxin injections into the larynx are a medical therapy we provide for treatment of patients with spasmodic dysphonia, a voice disorder that causes strangled speech.
  • Laryngeal reflux can be the cause of symptoms such as hoarseness, sore throat, cough, throat clearing, and loss of singing registers. Our center works with the Methodist Reflux Center to provide all accepted methods of treatment for reflux, both medical and surgical.
  • The Texas Voice Center has treated thousands of voice professionals in fields such as opera, pop/rock, country-western, auctioneers, lawyers, preachers, and teachers. We welcome you whatever your profession.
  • Pulmonary function testing can discriminate between problems in the larynx and problems with the lungs and tracheo-bronchial tract.
  • Microsurgical techniques are used to remove lesions on the larynx and restore the voice.

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