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Singing and Professional Voice Care

Your voice is the only part of your body that audibly represents you to the world, by demonstrating your energy level, personality, and artistry. The voice is not as loud as a trumpet, does not have the range of a piano, and cannot achieve the staccato notes of a violin, but nothing can surpass the ability of the voice for soulful expression of the human experience. Whether you are an coloratura soprano or a rock star, an attorney or a minister, a teacher or a student, an auctioneer or a buyer, your voice is essential to your profession. The Texas Voice Center can help you protect your investment and your future, whatever your vocation.

Voice Problems

Most singers seek professional voice help for voice changes, vocal fatigue, anxiety, throat tension, and pain. All these symptoms must be quickly addressed to restore the voice and provide physical and emotional relief. Speech-language pathologists who have special training and experience in treating singers and other professional voice users can assess these symptoms, restore the voice, and provide relief through effective voice therapy.

Your First Visit

To better understand your needs, we will ask you to complete a special form for singers and actors. If you are experiencing an �acute� problem, one that has persisted for 2-5 days, we will try to schedule your visit immediately. If you�ve had the problem for a longer time, your comprehensive evaluation will include:

OBJECTIVE VOICE ANALYSIS: We will use a computer program to analyze samples of your speaking and singing voice to obtain an accurate �picture� of your current voice. This visual profile reveals your spoken pitch range, and the status of eighteen different parameters of your voice when speaking and singing. These parameters include the status of your vocal strength, symmetry of vocal fold movements, variations in pitch and breath control, tremor, air leakage, and voice breaks.

PULMONARY FUNCTION STUDY: As breath support is the foundation for your voice, it is important to determine the status of your lung capacity that undergirds the voice.

MEDICAL HISTORY: A complete medical history will be taken. Please bring a list of all herbs, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and other drugs you are currently.

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