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Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Services
Speech therapy helps people who have trouble talking to other people. The services we provide include evaluation and treatment of speech, language, and hearing problems in children and adults. Our department works in conjunction with the laryngologists and audiologists to improve communication abilities of our patients. Speech therapy may be the only treatment needed for some voice disorders and also is used to aid in recovery after surgery of the larynx.

Computerized Voice Analysis
The Texas Voice Center utilizes the latest in computer voice analysis to pinpoint flaws in the singing and speaking voice. These tools aid the staff in diagnosing all types of voice disorders. The various components of the voice analyses display the results in visual imagery. Subtle voice problems can be objectively diagnosed and progress in voice therapy can be easily monitored by using this sensitive program.

Voice Intervention
It has been said, "The voice is the barometer of the soul." Unhealthy vocal folds can play tricks on the ear causing us to sound old when we are actually young, tired when we are rested, and ill when we are healthy. The voice can be overused, misused, and abused with predictable consequences. We can help you learn to prevent, reduce, and often eliminate voice problems through simple intervention techniques.

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