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When you become aware of any negative change in your voice (pitch, quality, endurance, etc.), schedule an appointment by using our convenient online request link: SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT ONLINE, or call the Texas Voice Center at (713) 796-2181 ext. 135. The Texas Voice Center secretary Cynthia Anes will talk with you about your voice symptoms, schedule an appointment, and remind you to fast three hours prior to your appointment; however, you may drink water and take your medications. (If you are diabetic, please do eat something small before your appointment). Cynthia will also discuss the fee schedule and your insurance information to verify coverage before you come in.

If you are experiencing an “acute” problem, one that has persisted for 2-5 days, we will try to schedule your visit immediately. If you are scheduled for an evaluation of a chronic problem (lasting more than 3-4 weeks) and you develop an acute illness, please call us to reschedule your appointment, as the acute illness may interfere with the proper diagnosis of the underlying chronic condition.

Please print out and complete the forms for the doctor you will be seeing (links below) and bring them with you to your appointment. If you are unable to print these forms, please contact Cynthia Anes and she will mail you the necessary forms. If you are coming in for surgery, please fill out and read over the Pre-Operative Instructions sheets which include all Medications to avoid.

New Patient Packet

Established Patient History Update

Notice of Privacy Practices

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